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Is your data security keeping up with data growth?

The data center industry will continue to grow this year and in 2013 as more companies, including insurers, acquire buildings specifically to store data associated with emails, risk analysis, payroll, human resources, customer information, internal accounting and more, according
to a recent study.

via The Growth Trend in Data Storage – Information Management Online Article.

Storage is clearly an area of growth. As more companies needs to digitize their business operations and regulatory obligations require the electronically stored information to be archived. In general, need for more storage does not diminish.

As more data becomes centralized, you have to wonder what does the storage vendor do to help protect the data. An average consumer has more 16GB on their smart devices, 7GB from Gmail account, and 5 GB from Dropbox. Most important of all, that almost 30 GB of mobile data at the consumer level.

What does 30GB worth of mobile data mean for your company? Would that be an entire record of customer data? Or perhaps an entire collection of the IP properties from your next generation of research?

Assuming a company with employee size of 5,000 that could be equivalent of 150 TB worth of mobile data floating in and out of enterprise perimeter each day.

How much of this data is essential for the business operation. When businesses go out to buy their next generation of storage platform, are they also upgrading their existing security infrastructure to protect the need of business operation?

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