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Bart is responsible for managing the Professional Services department throughout our Montreal, Calgary and Europe locations. Professional Services includes solution architecture and support, and Python. Since joining Hitachi ID in April 2015, Bart has provided significant contributions to each of these teams, and taken on increasingly large roles in the services department.


Managing Privileged Access on Endpoint Devices in a Zero Trust Paradigm

  February 9th, 2021

The current approaches to privileged access management are no longer enough to protect evolving IT environments in the face of ever-changing mounting cybersecurity threats. Networks have become a dynamic landscape, and the traditional methods that focus on keeping attackers out of the network are no longer enough because they are just as susceptible to users… Read More

Start Your PAM Deployment Off on the Right Foot: Spotlight These 7 Benefits

  February 2nd, 2021

Setting yourself up for success with an upcoming privilege access management (PAM) system requires finesse. Within any organization, many system administrators might be uncomfortable with the idea of a PAM system; they may be accustomed to unrestrained administrator-level credentials. At the same time, other IT decision-makers may have concerns about the system and network-wide changes… Read More

The Starting Point: 3 Steps to Begin a PAM Implementation

  January 26th, 2021

Modern-day privilege access and cybersecurity needs can seem daunting. Security breaches of privileged accounts and related vulnerabilities have accelerated in recent years due to increased IT infrastructure complexities and the fragmented distribution of business critical services. Add to this data points like 80% of organizations discovered that a privileged access policy violation had occurred within… Read More

Building a Sturdy Foundation for Identity Access Management Implementation

  January 21st, 2021

The biggest question many organizations need to answer: Identity and access management is constantly evolving — is yours? In 2021, it’s estimated that businesses without formal IAM programs will spend 40% more on IAM capabilities while achieving less than those with them. Organizations with IAM programs need to continually develop and advance theirs over time,… Read More

FAQ: Three Big IAM Questions Answered

  December 7th, 2020

When identity access management implementation is on the table, there’s often a list of common questions that organizations ask before taking the big step. Some surround misconceptions, while others cover the lesser understood benefits that come with IAM automation. Overall, these questions have the potential to stall definitive IAM action and improvements that IT decision-makers… Read More