Governments are getting increasingly hamfisted

Interesting reading here:

The Guardian

Basically two incidents related to the Snowden disclosures:

  • The UK government demanded (and got) destruction of physical media through intimidation of a newspaper organization.
  • The partner (read: boyfriend) of the journalist covering the story was intimidated at Heathrow and had media and personal electronics confiscated.

So what’s interesting about all this?

  • This is the UK government acting badly. I guess they take their orders from Washington now? How far has the British Empire fallen!
  • They don’t seem to realize that networks and cryptography make information
    basically indestructible. You cannot contain this thing – honesty is the only recourse going forward, like it or not.
  • It seems not to have occurred to them that if you hassle a journalist or their friends, they will write about it, and you will look even dumber in the public eye.

Get over it guys. The cat’s out of the bag. Everyone knows that Western governments snoop on their citizenry in a fashion not unlike that of dictatorships. Bullying people about it after the disclosure has already happened just reinforces in everyone’s minds that the government is rife with over-eager spooks with not a care for civil liberties.

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