Citrix Receiver on Linux/64-bit

I had the unfortunate experience today of trying to use a Citrix ICA client (“Citrix Receiver”) on a Linux client OS.

What a joke.

The 64-bit client – once you find it through Google (it’s not offered automatically), is actually a packaged up 32-bit client. Built using Motif (anyone remember that ancient UI framework from the 1990s?). With a broken installation script, which fails to identify a 64-bit OS. And finally with broken SSL CA certificates, such that when you finally get the thing installed, through hacking scripts, installing dependencies and general screwing around, refuses to connect to the ICA server.

Citrix should decide whether they seriously want to support Linux. Either release a decent client, built with a modern UI, able to install cleanly on a modern OS, or stop taunting us with their crapware.

My advice to anyone reading this: don’t bother. If you must connect to a Citrix VDI infrastructure, and your PC runs Linux, then fire up a Windows VM and connect from there. While the UI experience of ICA inside Windows VM inside X11 is less than optimal, it at least works. The native client – not so much.


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