Privileged Access in an IoT world

While it may seem like securing IoT is an abstract problem, in reality it is anything but.

Apparently Tesla (and possibly also SpaceX, separately, a couple of years ago) has been hit by internal sabotage to critical code and possibly other processes.

SC Magazine.

If you thought PAM was purely about administrator access to IT systems, you were wrong. How about PAM access to code check-ins? PAM access to factory control systems? PAM access to sensors (cameras?) and actuators?

This is reality, not theory.

One Response to “Privileged Access in an IoT world”

  1. Adrian Slade Says:

    It will be the next major issue, no doubt, everybody agrees – 20% of all breach activity will be IOT related (Gartner) – but what to do!

    Not often talked about, but the underwriters are looking at risk in the consumer space with a view to raising household insurance premiums! That same focus will come to the commercial/industrial space further strengthening the business case for PAM to control IOT/Robotic use cases.