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Hello World!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Hello World!

Or perhaps that should be printf(“Hello, World!\n”); — because that
reflects my technical background.

I’m probably a bit late to the game, as this is my first blog post,
but the common wisdom seems to be that it’s better late than never.

About me

For those who don’t already know me, my name is Idan
Shoham and for the past 17 years I’ve been the CTO of a company now
called Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. (you may be more familiar with our old
name: M-Tech). At Hitachi ID we write software that helps medium to
large organizations better manage the identitities, security privileges,
passwords and other authentication factors of their users, both internal
(employees and contractors) and external (partners and customers).

This blog

The point of launching this blog is for me to share ideas and sometimes
rants — about identity management technology and projects, about
how to develop and deploy software in general, about how to secure
authentication, authorization and audit processes and more.

Hopefully this will be useful information to you — our visitors. This
blog should shed some light about our thought processes here at Hitachi
ID and about the direction we are taking with new products and services.

Why you should read this

I hope to make this blog interesting enough to attract return
visits. If you’re in the middle of an identity management project or
just starting one, you should find the posts helpful.
If you are developing or refreshing your organization’s identity
management strategy, I hope to help you choose a direction.


This blog is open to feedback from readers. Initially, I’ve left the
“moderated” setting on, but the parameters for accepting or rejecting
posts are pretty simple. Feedback will be allowed by default, and
rejected if and only if it is offensive, SPAM or wildly off-topic.

Hopefully you will post lots of feedback and we can make this a
conversation, rather than a publication.